From Co. Wicklow to The Winter Catwalks

Has anyone ever wondered where these famous designers get their inspiration from? Take a walk outside and think or ideally take a walk up Sallygap in Co. Wicklow Ireland and look. The greens, the browns and the yellows are all around us in nature outside. Karl Lagerfeld’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection shows nothing but natures natural colours.

Personally I think this year natural colours from nature top that of the catwalks. Most of the leaves are still on the trees having turned beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange, the grass has turned lovely vibrant shades of yellow and green and the leaves that are not on the trees have developed a lovely autumn carpet on the ground.

I like what Karl Lagerfeld and many others have done through this years catwalk fashion collections. Wearing their clothes would be like wrapping yourself in nature (for a higher price tag of course). Look at some of these pictures from the catwalk and then look at the colours from the scenic pictures from Sally Gap. It’s almost as if natures colours where the colour palette. The field the paint, the trees the brush and the catwalk the paper.

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