A while ago I was asked to dress  a pentagonal window. I think more often now architects like including unusual shaped windows in their work. That becomes a good challenge for the curtain designers. When you are dealing with unusual shaped windows its often wrong to use traditional straight forward patterns. In this blog I would like  to share a few of the most important steps for making curtains for a pentagonal window.

Step 1. It is important to take an accurate measurements.
Step 2. Work out the required widths as for a normal window.  i.e. Width of the window is multiplied by 2 1/2 to 3 times fullness independent of the fabric pattern.
Step 3. Make an exact half pattern on paper of the angled top of the window. If the window isn’t symmetrical then different patterns are required for each side.
Step 4. Work out the pleats and the spaces. Usually I am making a second pattern for the top of the curtains  – which looks like a steps. The pleat space will be a horizontal line and the  gap space will be  angled.

Unusual Shape Windows

Step 5.  Cut out the buckram according to your second pattern and iron on the top of the fabric. Trim the  fabric to 5-6cm above the buckrom, leaving it for the top hem .
Step 6. Measure the length of the side and the middle . Stitch the bottom hem.
Step 7. Have the lining button hem ready. Lay the lining on the top of the curtains. Cut the top to the same shape as the buckram by leaving 5cm for the hem as well.
Step 8. Hand stitch lining sides to the main fabric sides.
Step 9. Machine stitch the pleats, being very accurate with your stitching.
Step 10. Repeat the same steps for the other side of the curtain.
Step 11. Lay each curtain back on your original window pattern to check for the shape and the measurements. If the curtains isn’t the same as your template, you may need to adjust the pleats.

See The Unusual Shaped Windows original video on our YouTube channel here:

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