Curtain Trends For 2016

We had a little taste of winter again here this past weekend and the cozy nights by the fire gave me plenty of time to research the 2016 curtain trends.  It was fun going back and looking at what customers have recently bought as well as leafing through the interior design magazines talking about “the resugent of dining rooms and the home office as well as bringing the outdoors in and injecting some glamour.” Mike Keenan


Here are the top four.

  • Colours – Natural tones are in, greens, browns and greys are selling well.


  • Heavy interlining and hefty poles. Oil prices may be dropping, but for how long? Well made curtains can last for years and need to pay their way.


  • Fabric – again nature is first and foremost…. plain fabrics with floral patterns.
  • High Tech – Electric motors are becoming more popular, no doubt in the next few years controlled by your phone !

Looking forward to a busy 2016.

From Co. Wicklow to The Winter Catwalks

From Co. Wicklow to The Winter Catwalks

Has anyone ever wondered where these famous designers get their inspiration from? Take a walk outside and think or ideally take a walk up Sallygap in Co. Wicklow Ireland and look. The greens, the browns and the yellows are all around us in nature outside. Karl Lagerfeld’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection shows nothing but natures natural colours. (more…)

How To Dress Up Unusual Shaped Windows

A while ago I was asked to dress  a pentagonal window. I think more often now architects like including unusual shaped windows in their work. That becomes a good challenge for the curtain designers. When you are dealing with unusual shaped windows its often wrong to use traditional straight forward patterns. In this blog I would like  to share a few of the most important steps for making curtains for a pentagonal window.


Welcome to my Blog.

Hello and welcome to my blog – news page. I am guessing that you had a look through my website and you just being inquisitive as to what’s in the blog page.

As this is the start of my blog I would like to let you know a little bite more about the person behind the scenes.
I was born in seventies in Lithuania and belong to a big family of three girls and two boys. We all grew up living in the country side surrounded by animals and nature.


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