Hello and welcome to my blog – news page. I am guessing that you had a look through my website and you just being inquisitive as to what’s in the blog page.

As this is the start of my blog I would like to let you know a little bite more about the person behind the scenes.
I was born in seventies in Lithuania and belong to a big family of three girls and two boys. We all grew up living in the country side surrounded by animals and nature.

I seen needle work from very early stages of my life as my grandmother was a dressmaker and my mum loves both sewing and hand embroidery. But when I was a teenager I never thought to connect my life with the textile business. My biggest dream was to be a musician. I spent hours playing piano and singing in the local children’s musical school.
I ended up following my dream and after secondary school I started studies in a music academy. By the end of the first year I began to realize that music was not my mission and soon after I left the academy.
Time passed quickly and I was working in all sort of jobs and only when my boys became toddlers I started thinking again about education. Because I knew about sewing and I was enjoying making clothes for my boys I started to feel that this was what I really want to do.
In 1998 I was graduated in University of Applied Sciences Vilnius with diploma in Sewing Technologist. During the studies and after I was busy bee self-employed dressmaker.
In 2001 had a very unexpected offer to go to Ireland for job with one year contract to a fish factory. That was very tempting offer at the time, but the fish…..
Anyway I bought a plane ticket and arrived in the ”Red sail ” factory in Clogherhead. 7 months later my boys and my sewing machines followed me to Ireland. At that time we was living in Carrickmacross, Co.Monaghan. The boys started school and I was getting really bored and cranky in the food industry. In my spare time I was making clothes for my self and doing alterations for the friends. I started thinking that I won’t be able to stay much longer in the food industry as I wanted to make sewing my career. I started to look around for the seamstress work. Nobody wanted to accept my diploma as Lithuania wasn’t in EU that time so I decided to go to Portobello college to study interior design .
I really enjoyed the time in Portobello College and I met wonderful Irish people who change my life completely and for good.
Was very hard and sad decision to leave the Rye Valley factory as I had very strong relations built up with the colleagues in the night shift, but I wanted to move on with my life.

May 2005 I started a new job in Fabric shop in Dundalk as a curtain maker. I learned a lot and got a valuable experience and really enjoyed working with the Irish team . The little rented house in Carrickmacross was becoming way too small for me ,two boys and a curtain maker as my bedroom started to become filled with fabrics, roman blind kits all sort of sewing stuff and the big table in the middle as at the times was not possible to get a round.
When I moved to Manor Kilbride Co.Wicklow I was so happy that we started to renovate one of the garages to my workroom. That was my biggest dream at that time to have sooo big a workspace .
My third child Rebecca was born in December 2006 and in February 2008 I registered my business as Asta Fabric Design studio.
That was a new and the happy start of my life.
So here I am now, happily settled in Manor Kilbride and having my dream job.
As the business taking off I want to take opportunity to say a big thank you for the local community for all the support . Big thank you for the all wonderful Irish people I met and I worked with and who have had a big impact in my life journey in all these years.

Yours sincerely .
Asta Gauronskyte – Wolton

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